Love the new Twitter profiles… (I’m @jonbeckett if you were wondering)

Random Act of Kindness

I just figured out how the Paypal “help a friend" thing works. Hopefully it helps a little girl on the other side of the world get a birthday present, and a chocolate cake :)

Not me, honest #moleskine #doodle

See… They do still get on - sometimes…

Truthful Wednesday

Here’s how I feel about pretty much everything being thrown at me at the moment, redacted to prevent me getting in trouble;

  • Redacted
  • Redacted
  • Redacted
  • Redacted
  • Redacted

Fun times.

Today will go down on the record as the day Miss Nine finally conquered swimming. She has been swimming (head down, torpedo like) since last summer, but has never quite got the knack of breathing - until today.

As soon as we got in the pool I told Miss 10 that I would be spending time with her sister, and something clicked in her head straight away. She kicked away from me towards the side, rolling her body, lifting her arms clear of the water, and powered herself for a good five or six metres. She hit the side of the pool, flung herself round and bellowed “I CAN SWIM! I CAN SWIM!”

The rest of the time was spent with me following her around the shallows, shouting “LONG ARMS! LONG LEGS” repeatedly, and getting her sister to demonstrate. She will get it eventually.

The neglected little girl we adopted at 2 years old that could hardly walk has come a very long way. She still has so many mountains to climb, but she never gives up.

We finally got fed up of our plates and bowls not matching…

The one where the children filled the bath with green goo

I interrupted a game of Mario Party on the Wii this morning to ask our younger children (who are on their last day off school) to get dressed. After a few minutes they trudged off upstairs, and I thought no more of it. A few minutes later I heard the bath filling, and thought “oh good - they’re having a bath” (they need to for school tomorrow anyway). I then hear an almighty crash, so go and investigate.

I discover Miss Nine sitting naked in 6” of cold bath water, that appears to be bright green. I then look across to Miss Ten who is studiously reading the instructions for a packet of Moshi Monsters Bath Goo that Miss Nine got for her birthday.

"This isn’t going to work! The bath is full of cold water! The crystals won’t dissolve!"


"How much did you put in?"

"All of it"

"Who’s idea was it?"

Miss Nine points at Miss Ten.

I spent the next half an hour tipping the half-dissolved goo down the plughole, cleaning the bath, cleaning Miss Nine, and wondering what on earth we are going to do with Miss Ten (who has been a manipulative little shit throughout much of the Easter break).

After reading various reviews of the goo on Amazon, it looks like we got away with it lightly - if the goo HAD worked, I would probably be calling a plumber out this afternoon.

School inset day = last day off work.

I wonder if the state of the desk in the study reflects the state of my mind ?